SJ Drilling have a proud history in the South African mining industry that were built-up over the past 10 years. We have committed ourselves to service delivery and have completed many projects throughout the years.

Since the beginning of our company we have aimed at improving certain aspects of our work and have developed certain systems and equipment to allow us to make these changes.


Notable improvements are:

• The development of hydropower peltons that have enabled us to drill using hydro-powered equipment. The use of this equipment lowered noise levels whilst eliminating the use of compressed air.

• The introduction of safety nets on our secondary support crews. Since the implementation of safety nets during drilling operations, we have achieved great success in the reduction of FOG accidents.

• The acquisition of 2 x Diamec U6 APC machines. This assisted us in attaining impressive daily production figures at lowered unit costs.

• Directional longhole drilling. We have started doing directional longhole drilling with great success.


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